Useful Information

Basic guidelines we should all be following

Stay at home

Wash your hands regularly

Stay 2m (6 ft) away from other people

Only go outside for essential food, health and work reasons

COVID 19 Useful Information including Internet Links

Please continue to avoid ‘fake news’ and use the recognised Council and UK Government and NHS COVID 19 websites to gain factual and current information.

East Lothian Council continues to add information to its website pages dealing with the COVID 19 outbreak. Many questions you may still have may well be answered here. Please remember this webpage can be accessed on your mobile phone by selecting the ‘tile’ specific to COVID 19 through the App. The App is easy to download.

Please also remember the ELC 24/7 Contact Centre remains operational.

Useful phone numbers:

The general contact centre number: 01620 8278272

The Adult social care number: 01875 8243093

The Children social care number: 01875 824309

So, calls for the Health & Social Care Partnership (H&SCP) and Property Maintenance are as above.

COVID and Energy Costs

‘ofgem’ have some really good information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and energy costs. ‘ofgem’ promises no disconnections during this pandemic and highlight details of alternative methods of payment through their website:

Advice from The Scottish Government:

and in particular for groups through:

Advice for Volunteers using their Motorvehicles:

Guidance to follow at all times:

Useful web links:

Information from the British Veterinary Association:

The First Ministers speech from the 26th March 2020:

Flouting public health guidance

The Scottish Government is using powers from the UK Coronavirus Bill to make it a criminal offence to flout the strict public health guidance that is helping save lives. Social Distancing Enforcement measures for your interest.