Key risks

Thank-you for volunteering as a neighbourhood volunteer for North Berwick during the COVID19 pandemic. This document gives information about four risks we have identified while planning a community response. These risks are viral safety, worries or concerns, data protection, and shopping safely.

So that we can help you and the person you are supporting stay safe, we strongly advise you to read the following material. We will keep this under review and may ask volunteers to have more training in future.


    This is critical and our number one priority to protect you, the person you are supporting, the wider community, and health and care services.

    Please do not leave the house if you show any symptoms of the virus or any infection or illness. Even if you just feel under the weather, even if it’s the last minute. We have enough volunteers to ensure that we do not take risks with anyone’s health.

    In that event you can still help in many other ways if you want to. Phone or email us, or click this link

    Please read the latest NHS advice here:

    Please also read the VIRAL SAFETY document available on this website.


    'Worries or concerns’ in this context means that you have worries or concerns about medical or social aspects for the person you are supporting.

    For medical concerns: In an emergency phone 999. For advice if you are concerned but where it is not an immediate emergency, please call 111.

    For major social concerns please contact the East Lothian Contact Centre (01875 824309. In an emergency outside office hours please call (Freephone) 0800 731 6969.

    Please read the Safeguarding document available on this website.


    If you feel it appropriate to share someone’s details with us or with another agency, please explain to the person why, with whom, and what may happen next. Explain that we will respect their confidentiality and only use their details to sort out the issue at hand. Check the person is happy for you to do this.

    If you feel that they are willingly giving agreement and you are comfortable please share it with the most appropriate person. Only discuss their needs with the people who really need to know in the circumstances (e.g., if they need shopping pass their details to the shopping team).

    Please do not pass their details to anyone out-with the team that is immediately helping.

    In the unlikely event they refuse permission to share their details, but you think they need help, contact Sue on

    Please read the Confidentiality and Data guidance on this website.


    If you already know and trust your neighbour AND are in a position to do so, you may wish to make your own informal arrangements for shopping, payment, etc.

    If this is not the case, please do not ask for or accept any cash or card details. We do not have the systems to manage this kind of transaction safely. In this situation there are only two options:

    1. The isolating person may wish to use online or telephone ordering services. Some of these services deliver, or else you could arrange to pick the shopping up for them when it is ready (could be up to a week). A list of local shops offering this kind of service has been created and is available on

    2. If the person can’t use online or telephone ordering please tell us using the online form. As outlined above you must ask the person’s permission to share brief details (name, address, and telephone number).

Please read the shopping flowcharts available on this site.

Thank you again! If you have any other questions or concerns at any time, contact Sue on

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